Wednesday, June 15, 2011

East Coast Fun

Arranged for cycling with Gena yesterday. Its so sad that Liz and Jayvern (Get well soon~) are unable to make it. Its so much fun!

I took Bus 43 from the bus stop opposite my block of flats and it took abt 45-an hour to reach parkway parade. Once again...I hate inconvenient Sengkang.

We rented one of these at $30 for two hours. Erm...not exactly. The one shown above is called a "Quad-Velo". Ours is more of a "Bi-Velo", difference being that our vehicle was missing the two seats at the back.

There are two steering wheels in the front but the only one working is the one sitting on the left of the vehicle (aka the right in the picture. Aka the old man is the one steering). In the first part of the trip, Gena was in charge of steering and the ride is smmmmooooottthhh. Since I am also given a wheel, I was steering too. Just for the heck of it. My hands and legs seem to feel the need to moving in unison, which Gena soon find out in the second part of the ride after we switched seats.

Oh by the way the above picture is clearly not of us. Its stolen from a fun to read parenting website called Parent Times. So please forgive me for stealing the photo, Parent Times? I said you are a fun to read website~ *pleading tone*

Working the Bi Velo was about 3 times more tiring than riding a normal mountain bike, with the weight of the metal structure and all. Going upslope is the most torturous of all. And bikers of all ages, shapes and sizes passed us by and start mocking us. The heat got to Gena's head a few times and she start pedalling hard trying to overtake those that had just overtaken us. Are you kidding? In this monster of a vehicle? Hell no!

The heat got to my head a few times too and I keep having the urge to try to park our Bi-Velo in carparks meant for actual vehicles such as lorries or a sedan. Then again, it might not be the heat. That's probably just me acting up again.

Midway the severely out-of-shape duos decided to take a rest and chitty chat about everything under the sun. I asked Gena about how she got her Christian name and whether it was given by her parents. She answered that she came out with it herself and it originates from....A SBS ANCHORWOMAN?

After a few attempts, we realised that she was talking about an anchorwoman from the former identity of Mediacorp - TCS (Television Corporation of Singapore). Ahh~ The good old times~ So much to talk about, but that would probably be another post saved for another day.

The vehicle travelled at such a crawling speed and it drained so much of our energy away so quickly that we took about half an hour to travel probably a quarter of the east coast park and that already results our knees knocking when we hopped out of the vehicle.

All in all, its fun! I'm totally missing the vehicle already! Someone other than me should be in charge of the steering wheel though. Gena lost 1/4 of her 70plus years long life in that short 45mins (???) while I was steering. Even there's no need to be moving the steering wheel that much, I still like to constantly making circles with the device, therefore making the Bi-Velo did huge sudden turns or travel snake-like in a drunk manner.

Now you understand why I said its fun? I am planning to make Gena lose another 1/4 of her lifespan soon. Anyone interested?

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