Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Surprise Dinner Outing

I just go to school today for 3 hrs then come back, feel so bo liao right? Cause I apply flexi-leave from 1pm- 6pm, so I leave school at 12pm (must fully make use of my 1hr lunch break...haha) den sleep the rest of the afternoon away ;P
When I woke up, it's already evening time (abt 6 plus liddat) and I sleepily heard my mum and my younger brother discussing sth abt going out 2 eat. My eyes insteadly become awake and opened my room's door. Haha..how easy it is 2 get me out my room ;P
We went to Pungol Plaza 2 have out dinner at a 'zhu cha' outlet inside the food court. The entire meal cost $50.01 (I rmb so clearly bcoz they later came back and asked me for the extra $1..lol). The meal is supposed 2 be held in celebration of my bdae yesterday but in the end I still pay a small part of the dinner. Haha...dunno y I feel that I shouldn't let them pay 2 much leh.
Anywayz, the dinner was exp and taste quite okay. I like the sweet and sour fish the best...cause it's fried and dipped in tomato sauce and I like almost anything that can be fried and with tomato sauce :P

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