Monday, November 27, 2006

My Bdae Day (Part II)

Lily sms me to meet her at CP 7-11 at abt seven-thirty sth (as usual she was late). I was very shocked (and is still shocked) that she blanja-ing me and even more shocked that she bothers to help celebrate my bdae (usually its the other way round u see).
I choose Pizza Hut as the dining place. Its my 1st time dining inside Pizza Hut and thus was quite excited abt the whole thing (mountain tortise ;P). We shared a plate of pasta which doesn't worth its value ($9.20), 6 pcs sweet & spicy drumlets (which ironically doesn't taste spicy at all), 2 drinks ( I got a Strawberry paradise, Lily got a Mango sth. Forgot the name le..), and 2 ice-cream (which I also forgot the names). The entire meal cost close to $40. Wow~
Oh in the middle of the meal, my phone rang. I thought it was Anna as my phone showed her number but actually its Jul and Shirley using Anna's phone 2 call as their batteries are flat. I was touched when they wished me Happy Bdae. I could have cried on the spot if I wasn't aware of the fact that I'm in public. ^^ B4 we go, Lily steal their Tobacco sauce (is it spelled like this? sounds some ingredients of cigarette) bcoz I keep mentioning 4 her 2 do that. I never thought she will steal it! Haha...she always managed 2 surprise me everytime.
After that we took some pictures of the vain Lily and some stupid music videos of her b4 sending her off 2 Fadhli's hse (which is also in SK). She make me promise 2 post the music videos on Friendster 2 help promote her single. Yeah right, as if she will ever release one :P.
What a eventful bdae.! This is the 1st time I have so many plp wishing me happy bdae and celebrating with me. I thank sincerely whoever responsible for giving me sich good friends and such a nice bdae. I will never 4gt my 19th Bdae!!!!

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