Thursday, November 30, 2006


This morning I was a bit hesistant abt whether or nt 2 go 4 the blood donation drive, cuz I lazy mah... But I decided 2 go anyway cuz Mr Chan already approved liao de dun go like wasted liddat (it's like ask him 4 fun liddat). Somemore my MSC "uniform" haven't dry yet, so it's like the 'tian' also want me 2 go help out. And I am usually a faithful person (like real), so I just "ting tian you ming".
Hahaa..lucky I got go lor, cuz 1 donor whom I dunno give me his free Mcdonald Breakfast Voucher! (Yummy Yummy! I ♥ free stuff the best! Haha...).
Den I also got meet a lot of friends over there (feel like Pri sch kid on his/her 1st day :p), but I like Lyana the best! I can talk the most freely with her and won't feel like we are socialising, more like we are just friends chatting ard. Socialising is so tiring man.
After the entire event, I steal a couple of things - a notepad, a pen and a stressball. If can, 2m I'm going 2 steal the organizer, the candles and maybe some other stuff ba. I keep showing off the stuffz that I had stolen 2 Yy. Feel so proud of it man. Lol. Den after the event, Yy and I talk abt crap. But we talk 2 long liao, sky bright bright talk until the sky turns dark. Next time must control a bit. :p
Wahahaha... <---laugh of a professional theif

It's so fun! Maybe next yr I also will join :p

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