Tuesday, January 16, 2007

BE Presentation Dayz

Haiz, screw up again. Dunno y I was never nervous b4 the presentation but @ the time of the presentation, I was acting like shit. I was shifting my legs ard and stammering the whole time. There goes my 'A', boo hoo~ Haha...although I know I will never get a 'A' no matter what... :p
The stupid MS Proj lah, kp changing the dates.
Bill Gates u better watch out. One of these days I am going to sue u for cheating my money.
Coz the stupid thing kp changing the dates of the tasks. Make us struggle with the Ms Proj 4 more than half an hour (but I only watch grass outside the windows only, coz the screen too bright liao - make my eyes v tired). KNS~

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