Monday, January 22, 2007

Gg back to '826' (8 to six) lifestyle 2m. Haiz...dunno whether can tahan or nt. If it is normal part-time work I still can skip. But this one cannot skip, skip liao grades suffer nevermind, still must pay extra sch fees 2 beg them take me back 2 hell next semester. I wouldn't be so stupid lor.
The NYP open hse t-shirt (hawaii one) too big 4 me le. But think it will be no big feat 4 me 2 grow fatter b4 the open hse (coz I always grow fatter but nv grow thinner), so maybe till then will fit juz nice le.
Liqin u are rite! My com really kena Trojan virus le. Somemore both my big and small laptops kena @ the same time! Haiz..wasted 2 days just 2 restore everything. The big Acer laptop is the worst, perform recovery liao still so lagging. 还是 my small Dell laptop 最好!! At least it knows how 2 appreciate my 苦心, after restoring it's speed still the same (still the same very gd le lor, at least better than some laptop).

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