Saturday, January 20, 2007

Shit leh!
Still not very happy abt being posted 2 Tep Admin. Coz only 2 plp there - me and another guy. Hiaz, dunno y so shuay. If girl @ least I will feel happier lor. Still can communicate. Haiz..It's like someone know I dun get along wif guys very well so deliberately put me there with another guy. Somemore it's only 2 plp in Tep Admin lor, so I got no choice but 2 interact with him. No only plp 2 pick. Haiz..
Thinking of buying new yr clothes again (but always think but no action, coz budget mah. Hehe...). A few days ago, I suddenly have the urge 2 buy those kind of clothes that hangs ard the shoulders. Erm...kind of like this bah:

Haha..but cannot buy the same size as hers. Dun think can fit inside. But the idea is there lah. This kind that hangs abt the shoulders one. Anyway, up till now still haven't see one that I really 'fall in love' with. 4 me 2 be willing 2 sacrifice my beautiful dollar signs in exchange 4 a piece of tailored cloth. The "tailored cloth" muz be very special. If not, I will be happy enough just 2 let my eyes 'eat ice-cream' only.

If I ever gets 2 get out of my hse 2m, my target will be primarily this kind of clothing. So all the shopkeepers and department stores that sells clothes, you should know what 2 do liao (picture all the shopkeepers busy ordering this style )

Oh, and today is mum's bdae. But we didn't do anything 2 celebrate it 2day coz both my bros are still working. We are used 2 celebrate each other's bday (if we ever gets 2 do it) when the whole family is ard, dunno y lah. Maybe the mood is complete when everyone is ard. Haha..dunno when we got such a strg sense of family bonding.

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