Friday, January 5, 2007

What I ate for breakfast

5th January 2007,12.41am, sunny(birds chirping outside)

***Parental Advisory-disgusting content***

I just finish eating my breakfast! I ate a total of 3 otak breads and one chicken floss bread (filled with ants). Yup, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you! The chicken floss bread is fill with ants! Unfortunately, I didn't realised it until I saw the plastic bag which contains the bread crawling with ants. By that time, the last piece of the bread was already in my mouth. Instead of spitting it out, I just simply force it down my throat (I can heard sounds of 'yucks!' and 'disgusting fellow' rising from the crowd. But then, what else can I do?). Anyway, it wasn't the first time I did this (eating breads filled with ants, I mean. Anytime placed on the living room table will be covered with ants within seconds. One day I am going to find out where in the world did they really come from. I mean, I already ate and killed so many already.), so I was able to react more calmly then before. I was able to walk slowly to the kitchen and slowly take a cup of water and SLOWLY force the bread down my throat with the water. In the past, I will just say 'yucks' and then spit out the contents in my mouth. Shows how mature I have grown by just eating breads filled with ants, huh?

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