Thursday, February 15, 2007

Haha...V-day just past! LOL. As usual, a lot of plp ask me whether i have bf this yr or not. The usual stuff - get used 2 it.

Morning I pon sch 2 go Bishan with Wann & only, Suraya, She-ren, Jac n Ying shin they all. @ first quite scared one ( I guai kai le, they corrupt me lor). But in the end bcoz really gt nth 2 do in sch mah, might as well spent it more meaningfully shopping in J8. I still got a lot of new yr clothes nv buy lor. Still didn't manage 2 buy my ideal de 3/4 pants. Haiz...i think i will have 2 wear my old jeans 4 CNY liao. Dun wan leh, i got a lot of tops (actually nt a lot lah, but is definately more than my bottoms) and only 2 pair of long pants 4 bottoms.
Spent V-day with Jac (her bf pang se her bcoz gt exam) and wenhui @ ps after sch. Quite nice siah.

Now trying to wrap the presents that i'm gg 2 give my frenz 4 2m. but 2 long nv wrap liao. Skills all rusty le. So now surfing the net 2 see who can be my saviour. Haiz...looks like it's gg 2 be a long nite...

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