Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Day @ The Bank

I help my mum 2 deposit some money into her POSB/DBS bank account yesterday. Actually wanted use the atm machine outside but the notes that mum gave was 2 big so in the end have 2 queue up. My bro was also with me coz he also wanted 2 see if his account is still existing and he also want 2 apply 4 an atm card(he previously 4gt his password so key in 2 many times in the end the card cannt use).
The queue very long lor, everyone nth 2 do in the morn so queue @ the bank 4 fun. The bank have 2 open 2 more counters just 2 cope with the queue. When it was finally my turn, a quite gentle-looking female in her early 20s attended 2 us(my bro and I went 2 the counter 2gether coz he ham ji don't dare 2 speak his lousy eng<---he himself say 1). She was very nice la but I felt a bit weird as when she got time( e.g. waiting for the laggy com 2 process the info) she will look up and smile @ me(not @ my bro leh! smile @ me for wat! I nt lesb lor!). Den I have 2 smile back. Out of the 30 mins I've been there, we smile back & forth 7 times lor. In the end, when I feel she was abt 2 look up, I quickly look away. If nt my mouth will ache until siao.
But so happy leh, ungrade my ugly lookin atm card into the Go! card liao. Dun even know abt it until I stare @ the big LCD Tv in the bank (queue very long, nth 2 do so watch Tv lor. All advertisements la, but @ least I dun have 2 stare @ ppl's back in case they think I'm interested in them). The card is simply an debit card, where DBS partner with mastercard so I can use m GO! card @ any mastercard approved retail outlets. Nt bad also. Can act like I got credit card in the future. Kp pressing pin no very lao kui lah. Sign more styro.

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