Thursday, February 1, 2007

It's been so long since I last posted anything here. I'm now well into my 2nd week of EMRS TEP admin cum festive. However, I dun really feel happy here as I dun really manage 2 get along with my team members in my team and felt quite left out. Catherine who is also in my team is one of my neighbors from my childhood times. I dun think I get along with her on the right foot. We just have a roadshow recently and through this roadshow, I found her more outspoken than before! Looks like childhood memories are nt really that reliable, izzit it? I mean things changed. I can't expect people to stay the same always right?
Most of the team members are from CSC and I felt that since most of them belong to the same stopover before, me and Shaun dun feel like we can merge into their clique easily.
Denyse did sth tat makes me left me feeling a bit shocked and sad
a few days ago. I won't elaborate a lot on it as most of my close friends already know abt it. However I still can't help feeling that once you are inside admin, you won't have any friends. Luckily i already have friends like Jac and Wen Hui who are behind me and already know me well enough.
Well, this is only the 2nd week in TEP Admin and I will try harder to try to be more positive and nt think too much abt it. I know my face easily shows my emotions if I feel angry and I will look really cold. I dun think anybody dares to approach me that way. No wonder I have no friends, Haha
Anyway, it's still early and i'm willing to give more time 2 get 2 know them better and vice versa. Let's see what happens then

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