Friday, February 23, 2007

Yesterday for the whole day, most of the team 2 and 3 MIA. So sad..nv call me. Later when I got on the bus den I saw something that looks similar 2 to liqin, but cannot confirm lah. So I try 2 bent my head 2 look @ the person's face (she was lookin @ cleo mag), looks like her la, but still cannot confirm. Den I saw the trademark white colour bag(so big lor), den I confirm is liqin liao. That's when I shake her right hand (which @ that time is holding the mag, so the mag also shake).
I found out from her that the whole day team 2 and 3 went 2 shop the new ntuc mall @ amk central den after having lunch there, spent rest of the day @ the lib. Shock-ed. They all so studious meh? 3-4hrs leh @ the lib leh. Even I can't stand the booky smell of the lib 4 more than 2 hrs den want 2 run le(coz i also have the perception that plp usually bring their books 2 toliet n do big business. So the book smell usually have...uh-hmm...i shouldn't say, u should noe lah).

Den when I abt 2 got off the bus I saw a couple holding a big big square basket(dunno how 2 describe), den I make a decision next time I wan 2 buy this kind of big big household items, I will definately take a cab. If nt very paiseh lor.