Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dun know y recently every1 complains abt me nt updating my desktop calender. I know it's outdated but this kind of things need time 2 find 1 mah. U think wan den have meh?
So juz nw I finally rmb gt this thing that i muz do (muz becoz it's necessary 2 avoid more nagging), and 刚好本少爷gt time, so I went 2 do a search in yahoo lor ( coz I forgt the website I went 2 the last time) and found the march wallpaper (u happy nw?).
I post some of it up here cuz there are quite a lot i like so i dun know wat 2 choose. Those who want can take.
(Just click on the picture, den right-click and set as desktop background)
But I am now seriously considering putting one of the following images as my desktop background. Coz they show the dates for the whole year so nobody will nag @ my 2 chg my desktop wallpaper again.

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