Sunday, April 29, 2007

Suddenly have the urge 2 download a mothra song (mosura for jap). I been watching Godzilla since young and although Godzilla is the main character in the movie (and i usually like the main character in anything. Main character what. Suppose 2 be the most lovable one right?), I am more attracted to the moth-butterfly looking thingy. I hate insects on the whole (that of coz includes butterfly & moths) but Mothra looks so cute and fluffy that I can help falling in love with it ( I can see 1t gg "1st brad pitt, den monkey, now butterfly. So u conquer mammals, animals and insects. What's nxt?")
It was like dun know how many decades since I last watch the movie (abt 9-10 yrs) and I can still rmb how the tune of the song sounds like. Erm...roughly sounds like this: "mosura ya mosura. lalala-lala lalala..". Of coz they didn't really sing the lalala part, I juz forget what was suppose 2 be there.
Haiz, now I can't sleep bcoz I am so desperate 2 get the song. It contains beautiful memories of my sweet & innocent childhood(wink wink). Any1 have the song can send me pls? I wan the japanese one from The Rebirth of Mothra II - The Undersea Battle.

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