Monday, April 16, 2007

What I did during the 1st 2 week of Hols

Thought i might as well update on my whereabouts since the much rejoiced farewell to EMRS, so here goes.

Okas, firstly dun know hw many weeks ago I went 2 crystal jade kitchen @ toa payoh with my family (meaning mum,da, and my bros. It's a miracle my bro come along since they dun usually 'hang out' with us. But then they always 'hang out' with us whenever there is free stuff, and since yours truely is paying 4 the meal...). Nt much of a "wow" factor there I must say. Heard that it was famous for it's xiao long bao so I order 2 'long'/basket(is it call basket???) of it. Then I regretted. Waste of money. Dun know y it managed 2 open so many outlets inside & outside of S'pore. When take a look at the packaging of the wet tissue, it looks like it gt like dun know hw many millions of them juz in S'pore alone. All with different names. Btw, this is the few picture I took. All with me inside and all w/o any trace of the food. So dun worry, u wun feel hungry looking @ them, unless u have a certain fetish 4 me

Hehe...a photo of my mum & dad took in secret :p

Opps..she finally discovered the presence of the renowned photographer. Luckily she is willing 2 cooperate with my skillfulness. The result? This dashing photo! Isn't she the cutest?

Many plp say my mum & me looks more & more alike when I grow older. But alot of plp also say "bullshit". Haiz,I dun know how 2 trust anymore...

Okas, next up - the trip 2 Sentosa. Nt much 2 do there when it is raining & u only gt 3 dollars in ur pocket. Hmm...let's juz say I learnt a few things from this trip:
  1. Taking the monorail in is a wiser choice since they both cost $3.
  2. Bring an umbrella. Or better yet bring two umbrellas. U never know when someone will steal ur umbrella and give u a Frisbee instead.

  3. Ang Mos likes 2 wear g-strings on the beach. Even males(whistle~look over here u white look fellows in blue & red g-string).
  4. Bring more money. Nth is free in this world and as I has said previously, there's really nt much 2 do when u only gt $3 in ur pocket. Real pathetic (shake head solemnly)
  5. Bus is nt always faster than walking on foot. Esp when it is juz 1 stop away. Sometimes bus like 2 go 1 b~i~g round so that they can pick up more plp. So dun always chase after bus unless the dude driving the bus is darn handsome or u juz saw someone who owns u money onboard the bus.
  6. If u really like Ang Mos, u should take a look @ the beach (Liqin, seriously. This is really da place 2 be!). They are particularly swimming ard us (I dun mean that literally. Although some are really swimming in the waters)! I saw enough 2 last me 4 a lifetime! So can I hope that I wouldn't see anymore in this lifetime? Please??!!!
Its quite fun though really tiring & harmful 2 my wallet & bank account. Here's some photo I took (damn! Nw then I realise I 4gt 2 take photo of the g-sting guys! I will nv die in peace nw!). Only 1 gt me inside. The rest are all scenery and suraya & 1t.

What I had finished. I was counting the plates when they say I 'fa dai'. Hey! Doing serious business here ok?

She-ren still lookin tru the menu 4 sth 2 eat. Look at that mountain in front of her. Tat's still nt enuff? (Hehe..she's still in China so I try 2 bad-mouth her while I could)

1t has grown crazy from hunger. Poor kid. Btw can u give me ur waterproof head-dress? It looks like it's really useful.

What they had eaten. I am determined 2 separate mine's from their's. Only the cup of green tea is mine. Btw green tea is really the wise choice for cheapos, I pour hot water into mine 7-8 times b4 I declared myself 2 full 2 drink anymore.

Starting from the left: Su, 1t & me. Boy I look like some damn monkey dress up 2 look like some damn prostitute

Su & 1t. I tell su that I wonder y she always look nt happy while taking photos. So she smile(so cooperative :) ). Look in the direction of the arrows.

See that's so much approachable and prettier.This is the way babe!

Bonus Pix:

Sth I took @ the Euro Funfair underneath my block. Can see my block from this pix. Didn't get 2 get on any of the rides cause :
1) 2 exp. Prices ranges from $5-$7. Although the ride last quite long but this mean if u regret & wan 2 get down u have 2 wait long long.
2)Nobody wan 2 sit with me. My mum scared kena heart attack and my bro didn't even wan 2 get out of the hse.

Whew~ (Wipe waterfall from forehead). Finally update finish. Long time nv type hands a bit rusty. Keep attacking the wrong keys. Long time nv update den once update, it's even longer than 1t's compo. Mine more like novel. Haiz...I think better update more frequently nxt time, if nt I will suffer again.

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