Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Finally plucked up the courage to start updating my blog again. Been having this phobia of scared of nth 2 write in my blog, somemore everytime when I try 2 think of what I have been doing that day, I kena headache. But since I gt nth 2 do now, might as well...
Anywayz, woke up this morning @ ard 6 am(actually dun need 2 wake up so early, but was woke up by a sms) 2 pick Jac^2 up 2 my hse. She come my hse 2 teach my bros tution for 2 hrs then she go off again. Kinda of dreading the coming monday, finally gt time 2 slp u know?
Jac^2 saw that I got the Euro Funfair underneath my block (not directly underneath, but close) so she was waiting 4 me 2 inform her when the Funfair will be open. The answer is 2nite! Of coz she dun know that coz I juz told her in the afternoon that think it wouldn't be open for another few days. Nv give me face, juz say only den u open. I nv say "wouldn't be ready for...",you wouldn't open la! Hmmph!
Den after sending her off, I went 2 KFC to buy luunch for my bros. Ask the auntie @ the counter there whether can buy student meal w/o student pass or nt (forgot 2 bring la. Hehe...), the auntie tell me another auntie say cannt. I was like huh? But then felt that she was a bit rude la, so I think I gave her the classic - black face. I think she realised that also (kinda obvious mah, when I was talking to her my nose was in the air. Wahahaha..), then she was like all "sorry, but company policy and all these". Felt a bit sorry for her lah. But still too late to bring my nose down from the air le, so I left it there until I step out of the KFC door.
Didn't ate dinner juz nw, coz too engrossed in reading chinese novels liao ( But very troublesome la, have to turn the lights out so that they will think I am STILL sleeping and wouldn't disturb me. Nw eyes painful liao. Turning blind soon.). Juz nw sneak out into the living room and steal cornflakes into my room cause cannt stand my noisy stomach anymore. Really like eating cereals in it's original form (w/o milk), YUMMY!
Yuppie! 2m go Malaysia 2 visit graveyard! Tell u if I see anything! Tata!

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