Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Went Msia 2 visit the grave of my mother's father today.
Guess what I saw @ the Woodlands custom? ANG MO! Liqin, since the day u told me u like ang mo they are like starting to catwalk around me like that. This time worst lor, the whole family catwalking! The young 1 looks quite handsome though, ard 15 - 17 yrs old. Yum yum! (wahahaha..)
Then when I was abt 2 leave board the bus 170 2 leave the custom, guess what I saw again? Yaya...another ang mo(yawn. They are becoming very common 2 me). This one seems quite old (ard 40 sth) and rich (have a singaporean man wearing biz suit carrying his luggage. Nt rich is what?). Rich but no ezlink. So cannt get onto the bus. If I were in the kind of situation, I would nt be allowed 2 be on the bus rite? But since the ang mo have different hair, different skin colour and different amt of money from me, he gets to enjoy special treatment. The old, dry and smelly female conductor help the ang mo 2 chg money (while the rest of us equally busy plp have 2 stand and wait while the ang mo dig into his wallet 2 get his 5 dollar note. Duh~). And then when everything is done,tell us 2 move aside so that the ang mo can stand more comfortably. Actually, I am quite amazed that she didn't evacuate the whole bus so that he can BREATHE MORE COMFORTABLY.
When we started burning the incense paper and all these, the weather is very hot (cause I stand 2 close 2 the fire). So I tell my mum that the contact lense might melt under high temp. After that I didn't get any chance 2 stand less than a mile away from the fire.
Then on the way home from the custom while waiting for my parents who are in turn waiting for their luggages 2 be checked using the dun-know-it-is-called machine, I saw a grp of hanggul (korean)plp. Fated sia! 2 times in 2 yrs liao. Wahaha... It seems like they lost somebody so they are pleading with the bodyguard near the exit 2 help them find the person. Then when the body guard finally agree and the grp was like "oh thank u very much" that time, the person they lost walk out with the happy smile. She doesn't realised that she was lost all this time. And in my mind I was thinking 'Hahaha..plead for so long in the end also no use. The person like dun even care like that. Bai ci (idoit). wahaha'
I juz realised that i am very mean today. Muz be nt enuff slp. Hehehe..Can be forgiven. Den actually wan 2 take pics of the graveyard de, but scared nobody dare 2 see so in the end dun haf lor. Maybe nxt time la, any1 wan 2 see spirits can tell me. I will try my best.

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