Monday, June 4, 2007

I dunno when I become so high speed. Better than flash or superman, whoever is faster. Finish rsm on fri (started @ 10pm, finish @ 2am) and finish ps&n on sat. All took juz 1 day 2 finish. Somemore all meet the min. no. of words required. The quality surely sucks big time one. Intially I tot rsm should be the harder one but i juz realised that i was so wrong. Rsm i can copy the info from internet but ps&n muz think off craps to say. Somemore need so many words - 2000 leh! So in the end i juz ask myself questions & answer myself. For example the question: "why....?" The answer immediately follows: " But I think it might be bcuz..." Fail big time la that proj.
Now I am trying very hard 2 avoid revising 4 the rsm 2m. She-ren already "encourage" me this morning le, but still really no mood. From morning 2 now I've been reading novels, play com games, surf internet, watch tv, steam bao, eat bao, wash plates....trying to do everything to avoid studying for the test. Hate studying la. Now already run out of things 2 do so come up and blog (I juz realise I always blog when I gt nth 2 do). But now already nth 2 blog abt. Help! I dun wan 2 study!

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