Thursday, June 7, 2007

Got nothing to do so blog about my shitting experience. Qin had heard it already this morning so I think she can just skip this part (if she ever sees it).
I'm finally free from constipation!!! Only for 1 day.
The day before when I reached home I finally feel that sth is coming out of you know where, so I rush to the toliet. At that pt in time, my mother and father is in the hse. So after one or 2 mins of struggling, the thing (you know wat. Okay okay, shit la!) finally comes out. Den 2 my suprise, I heard my mum's voice outside the toliet. "Come out le mah? Got come out?", said my mum. "Think got la, so long nv come out. Shan, got shit out?", said my dad. I WAS SO EMBARRASSED!!! It was like I'm preganant or sth la, and they are waiting outside so they can celebrate. So in the midst of pushing the thing out (so long nv shit le, hard until can cut my backside), I still have 2 find energy 2 reply them. So i said,"ya, shit le", hoping that they will go away and let me shit in peace! I was so afraid that they would cheer me out while I'm shitting or run out 2 tell the neighbors that their daughter have finally shitted. I would have 2 commit suicide after I shit.
I am now having constipation again. I really dreaded the next time I have 2 shit. I make sure my parents are not ard. I would try 2 ctrl until they are out of the hse.

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