Saturday, June 16, 2007

Jac used 2 say that there's a type of person you can play with, talk with, joke with but cannot do projects with for some wierd reasons.
I think I'm this kind of person. I have no problem with making jokes and making frenz but I have a feeling I might not be a gd leader. Take for example today, we are meeting for MR in PS Starbucks. I think halfway through I looked a bit angry towards the middle cuz I was frustrated at the all the diversions. Many of the members have 2 go b4 3 pm so there's a stress of finishing as much as possible b4 3pm. However no one else xcept me seems 2 mind. During the journey home I reflect and thought 2 myself was I wrong in getting angry? I mean the members who are in a urgent nd 2 go doesn't seem 2 care, why should I bother so much?
I mean I understand that we still gt a bit of time before we have 2 hand up the thing. But there's still a lot of other projects that we have 2 do and I dun wan 2 fight for the same timeslots when sch reopens and everything comes at one go. That will be very tiring. Moreover I feel that since I'm put in charge I have the responsibility 2 see it through and make sure that every1 stays on the track. Was that wrong? I seriously have no idea.
Maybe it's just me though, I am getting easier and easier 2 get angry and I think my friends has seen in more than one occasions when my face just turns black. Whether they understand the true reasons behind, I have no idea. I seldom make an attempt 2 explain anyway, I just clams up. I dunno what's wrong with me, maybe it's just a phase that I have 2 go through. I hope it will pass soon. I'm finding it harder and harder 2 laugh whole heartedly.

Till then, ciao~

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