Friday, June 15, 2007

Meet yy 2day 2 shop in Vivo in the afternoon. Was shocked at so many plp on the streets (dun they need 2 work and study? I thought Thurs should be a day with not so many plp?) den saw a ad stating that it's World Blood Donors Day (though it still doesn't make sense). Onboard the train on the way there, a guy was dozing off on my left. The reason why I say dozing off instead of sleeping is bcoz I keep pushing his head back before it touches me ( This is a male for goodness sake! I dun wan what Wanti experienced 2 happen 2 me). Another girl was sitting on the guy's left and she push the head back coz I push 2 hard and the guy nearly fell into her lap(the guy is still sleeping! I push really hard leh! Can't he feel it?). Lucky afterwards the guy wake up so I dun need to push the head back again. Whew, what a relief!
I was late but yy still haven't reached yet so I shop ard in Giant in the meantime. I must look more mature nowadays bcoz the promoter aunties start offering me samples which never happens before! Yeah! My lunch is settled!
Meet yy and then we walked ard 2 see what freebies we can get with the blood donation coupon/card(it's a card full of coupons). In the end, we manage to get free shampoo and conditioner from The Face Shop and yy get a free eyebrow trimming from ZA (It's really trimming. They never pluck juz shave) and we get a lot of balloon sculptures (In the end yy get a balloon sword and I get a flower which I threw away secretly coz the flower does not look like flower).
We decided 2 watch movie since we got the $5 coupon and there's nth else 2 do. There's only 2 choice - Ocean 13 and Legend of The Sea. Yy say JJ Lin who dub one of the characters sounds wierd so we go for Ocean 13 in the end. Vivo got a long queue so we take mrt 2 PS instead (OMG! 2m I'm gg 2 PS again for MR! Sianz...go PS so many times). The guy @ the ticketing booth has a wierd slang. Think he try 2 sound like ang mo. U think I should be used 2 slangs by now coz got so many foreigners in our class but I still have 2 think for a few secs b4 I can make out what he is saying. Yy on the otherhand keep sayng "huh?'" and look @ me 2 see if I understand or nt. Lol..
Ocean 13 is nt bad although I never watch the previous dunno how many Oceans b4 (It starts from Ocean 10 or 11?) and my bladder reached it's max capacity halfway through the movie. Confusing though coz the scenes are like skipping here and there and the subtitles is really nt reliable so I become independent after a few attempts. Brad Pitt and Matt Damon still looks old as usual and there's a chinese extra inside the good guy's team. Really extra la, nt much scenes and when sitting beside the other plp he looks like a dwarf (U can imagine how he looks when he is standing beside the others. And he is not in the least bit handsome). Oh there's a woman working for the rival (bad guy) who has the most disfigured arms I had ever seen. I was so disgusted that for a few moments I can't enjoy the popcorn (is this suppose 2 be a horror movie?). Her arms are cabbage looking - a few lumps or meat here and there (dun think it is muscle. looks more like tumor so sth).
On the way back, yy bumped into an ang mo's (again?!! They are everywhere! Help!) backpack and complain that her nose will be getting flat. I think she expect me 2 sympathize with her os sth but instead I laugh and say her nose wasn't tall and sharp in the 1st place(cannt blame me, I dun tell lies) so she beat me with her balloon sword.

Till then, Ciao~

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