Monday, September 28, 2009


I keep losing things while I'm in the so-called 'safe' premise of my own room.

The last time it was the battery cover of my psp slim. No idea how that could even happen since I never EVER took the cover off after the purchase. NOT EVEN ONCE.

The latest on the 'WANTED' list is the earpiece of my LG RENOIR.

The entire set. Adapter plus earpiece.

Is it just a coincidence that they are all gadget-related?

I'm lucky that my bro has a LG phone that has a earpiece that fits into my RENOIR, and he is now away on a 'leisure trip' to Tekong so he has absolutely no need for it ATM (not automated teller machine). So currently your buay paiseh-ness is 'borrowing' it. Will ask him for permission later....probably.....

I now have the feeling that I have a rat in my room. A rat that is rather informed on the latest IT news and that knows just when to strike. And probably using all the parts he/she collected from my gadget to make a monster machine to destroy the world!






Knowing when to strike is the hardest part I suppose as I always kena insomnia so my sleeping pattern & time isn't always stable. Then again, I'm as blind as a bat at night w/my contact lenses off so as long as the culprit doesn't make any sound whatsoever, I can be treated like I'm didn't exist in the 1st place.

Haiz...why doesn't the rat/whatever/whoever takes other stuff that I laid around my room? I'm such a gadget-freak that any gadget taken away from me causes me extreme heart-ache. I placed so many sweets and other stuff around the room also. Take those la...I'm fine with you taking anything except for money and IT-related stuff. Really!

So please don't make my desktop your next target....T-T

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