Saturday, February 26, 2011

Latte Pregnancy Diary 1

I'll probably be monitoring Latte's pregancy using this blog from now on.

Sick of flooding twitter everytime I got something to say. What's more have to follow the 140 characters limit. Go eat shit.

I might as well just flood my own blog. Its free anyway and I wouldn't have to worry about flooding - It's MY BLOG for goodness sake.

Hopefully she will deliver before my Australia trip. I wanna be there when it happens.

Anyway she is currently agressive (can't put your hands close. She will jump on it, hogging food and kinda making a nest. Why I said kinda is well...she's more of making a boundary - a long straight strip where she will place her food and whatever she seems fit.

Very active too. Mocha's sleeping all day long (is he pregnant too? Lolx..jkjk) and she hasn't really been sleeping much. Very jumpy - all I gotta do is bend over the cage, count to 3 and she will wake up with a jerk (not literally as in the word for scolding males. I will like to see that happen though).

Been wanting to get out too. Probably the cage she's been sleeping for about 4 months is suddenly not to her liking? Whatever, that's one thing I am not going to give in. She already have the bigger cage, so that's that.

I am curious as to how many babies she will deliver. She is enormous! Lots of hamsters owners online said that they didn't even realise that their hamsters were pregnant. Well, let's see you try to ignore this one! It's like, BAM! Right in your eye! I can't even fool myself anymore and have to admit that Miss G is right - she's really pregnant. DAMN!

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