Thursday, March 10, 2011

10/3/2011, Thurs

Today will be a short and simple entry....I hope.

We signed up for the Great Ocean One Day Trip by Wildlife tour (heavily recommended by our Habitat HQ front desk personnel). We woke up super early at about 5.50am to prepare and send Ah Pek (our European grandfatherly roommate who snores quite loudly --> Gena misses this part) out. In Habitat HQ, if you are checking out, you have to gather your own bedsheets and bring it down to the reception. I have to remember to do this on the 15th.

The trip in general was quite okay. I wouldn't describe in detail about the itinerary since its about the same for the Great Ocean Road tour. Just look up one in a tour agency and you will know roughly what's it about.

One thing I love about travelling with this tour agency is the thought that goes into it to make the trip comfortable and enjoyable. There's a self-introuction at the beginning of the trip which I find it abit extra at first but I realised that the tour guides are really remembering the names and your other particulars such as occupation! I especially love the Minties given to us after we eaten our lunch as that is an awfully nice gesture to help clear our stinky breath after a meal. And the Minties taste great I am telling ya.

I also like the part where we stopover at an area with koalas and parrots. Although the parrots left rape-like scratches on my arms, feeding them is awfully fun! They are pretty heavy though. My hands weighed down a little when the first parrot landed on it but I slowly come to expect that and so I will get prepare for it whenever I know a parrot was going to land. I can barely handle it when there are two or more parrots landing at the same time though. AND I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT WHEN THEY LANDED ON MY HEAD. Its heavy enough without fat birds on it, thank you.

Dinner is at Red Rooster - a fast food restaurant with fried chicken just like KFC. I wasn't really hungry at that moment so Elene (did I spell it correctly? heck care la~) and I just grab something really light. Elene is from Paris and she's on the same Great Ocean tour as us. She's here on a working holiday and now she's starting to travel around and see some sights. I find that pretty fabulous.

Side Note: Gena is right - I gotta find a job, save up some cash, and then go on a long trip. A trip, not a tour. I enjoy myself much more when when I'm getting lost, wandering around figuring what to do next. Probably backpacking around several continents. I might be lazy but that isn't big threat to my survival as I seldom panic and is willing to ask for help when needed. Key word being "needed". In fact I like "getting lost" as most of the time it often brings you to places unexpected. A pleasant surprise. Challenges are always welcome.
Now that I finally have a direction in life (yes I previously do not have any), the next step will be to...find a job. always come back to this. Why must the first step always be the toughest????????!!!!!!!!!!

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