Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Holla from Melbourne Part II

9/3/2011, Wednesday
Pretty eventful day. I refused to leave my bed until Gena shake me up (I think she's been wanting to do that since Day 1. She is totally smiling when I opened my eyes). I was actually awake by then but I simply refused to get out of bed.

After that we went to do our laundry. Freaking exp! It cost us a total of AUD6 including washing powder. Lucky we are sharing though so it turns out to be aint that bad. I think the price is actually considered to be cheap as the machine is huge. Its just that we don't have that much to wash in the first place. If I am gonna stay here again, I'll be sure to stay longer so that I can bring more clothes to wash.

After laundry, we went to the Cabbie's pizza and pasta restaurant across Habitat HQ for lunch. Pizza is nice and according to Gena - so is her lasagna. My pizza is AUD10 including a drink which I didn't know is included in my meal.

We went to Melbourne Aquarium. This place is pretty easy to find. Its just around the corner from Flinders Station. I actually find it pretty interesting. Quite worth the money in fact. We paid about AUD30 each after 10% discount. My favorite exhibit there is the Axolotl. Freaking cute!!!!

I want it as pet! He can join Mocha, Latte and their 6 children as part of my ever-growing safari.

The sharks exhibit is pretty disappointing but I guess that is partly due to the fact that the divers show is canceled due to renovations. I enjoyed it thoroughly nonetheless.

Gena picked up a brochure about a camera museum so we decided to head over. Turns out that Michael's is a shop selling cameras and accessories and only part of the 2nd level is where the "museum" is. Despite all that I still enjoyed the place. I even found some photographs that I liked. I like the effect of Pop Art and Dramatic Tone filters whereas Gena prefers Dramatic Tone and Grainy filters.

I love to have a good camera someday to capture my precious moments abroad and even back home. It does not have to be a DSLR like Gena's D90. I probably can't afford that even if I slave for 2 years. I just need something that is non-touch screen (it take forever to get the right focus), focus that is adjustable, high optical zoom....AND CHEAP! If you guys can ever find that I will be eternally grateful. Cause it seems like no such thing will ever happen in my lifetime unless I custom make it WITH MY OWN HANDS.

Dinner is at a Vietnam restaurant due to my sudden Vietnam food craving. I saw many Vietnam restaurants along a certain stretch in Lonsdale (or was it Elizabeth) St and got real tempted. Gena's beef noodle was delicious! My chicken noodle soup however just tasted like Chinese Guo Tiao Tang. Not that it wasn't delicious. Quite the contrary in fact. I am just not happy with the fact that I keep buying cuisine that taste like Chinese food but were labelled otherwise.

At the end of the day, we head back to our hotel (we were early today, about 7 plus?) and start surfing the net. Its an awesome way to end the day and help us get into sleep mode.

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