Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hola from Melbourne

Its been like what...3 days since I stepped on the land of Melbourne. And so far I am still loving it!

5/3/2011, Sat

MK Teng (Gena's & Jayvern's friend), Jayvern and Sendya sent Gena and I to the Changi Airport. Jayvern is the one driving and its pretty evident its has been a long day for her. Later I learnt that she's bee driving the entire day, I feel so guilty!!!

Sendya give us a treat at Popeye (my choice. I'd been craving for it since the day before) to celebrate her new job among other stuff that I can't quite remember....I love free stuff!

Me and Gena love the Emirates plane since the air stewards (its only one of them IMO) are hunky! Eye candy for the long flight!

6/3/2011, Sun

30 minutes before we landed, the pilot told us that the temperature in Melbourne is ONLY TEN DEGREE CELSIUS!!!!! WTF, me and Gena is certainly not prepared with all the summer clothes in our luggage. Later we found out that its was actually quite sunny with rather chilly winds and the cold temperature only happens in the early morning (we landed about 8.45am). We tend to avoid the early morning after that but that's because we can't bear to part with out super comfy beds.

We stepped into our home-to-be for the next week plus a few more days - Habitat HQ. Check in isn't till 2pm though so we went and get ourself lost in the streets of St Kilda. What I love most about Melbourne is that the architectures in the area is a mixture of modern and gothic buildings. Its a real awesome and refreshing mix I tell you.

Anyway we met Geoffrey (is that how its is spelled?), Andrea and Jason at the park. Geoffrey appear us with a random question about whether the grass is greener on the other side. I have no idea what Gena was really thinking by that time but I was like "Wow, totally random. I better run".

After a game of catch and some chit-chatting, they turned out to be awesome people. We suspected that Geoffrey is on drugs though - he is too hyper to be normal. Geoffrey left us his email and phone number which we hadn't really been utilizing till this date. We might utilize them though. Soon.

The day ended with a dinner comprising of cheap subway meal (foot long for AUD7) which we shared between the both of us and a "laptop convention" which we discuss about what we gonna do for the next day.

7/3/2011, Mon

After a lunch at a suspiciously Chinese Thai restaurant, Gena and I head to RMIT to enquire more about Gena's potential future course. The consultant wasn't really that helpful and Gena got to speak to the head of the program in the end, which was a blessing in disguise. We layed on the grass patch in the campus for more than an hour (???). This is a new habit that both of us picked out. You can see people sitting or laying down on grass patches in Mebourne anywhere. It feels fantastic to do so! Now we make it a "at least once a day" thing.

We walked over to Yarra River which is like Singapore River but wider and about 5 times longer, camwhore on the floating platform and then head off to a mall akin "The Central @ Clarke Quay) for dinner at food court. Both of us got a 1/4 pizza with salad for AUD9.50. The portion is fucking huge!! We wasted food =( but I finally got my GG mobile sim! =)

8/3/2011, Tues

Collected Loreal Fashion Fullstop tickets from TicketMaster at a theatre whose name I forgot. Excited! Lunch at a cafe in Federation Square (I think the name of the cafe is called Gig if I rmb correctly). Gena's treat cause she feel pity for the penniless moi. Our coffees are awesome even though I don't like the coffee art (I feel that it could be better) and also the coffee taste could be stronger.

After that we head down to Abbotsford Convent - the freaking boring place. Stupid me didn't realised that our tickets could be used for both trams and buses so I went to purchase another. KNS no money still wasting money. The areas around Abbotsford Convent is pretty interesting though. Kinda like a mini-zoo with sheeps, goats, peacocks, horses. My favorite is the donkey. I love the cute face! The Yarra river at the site is freaking polluted though.

We walked along the mountainous trail. I love walking when I am either in sneakers or Gena's flats. Heels and platforms aren't really for me but I made a promise to learn walking in taller heels. Starting from...erm, let's talk about it when the time comes. Thus I stole Gena's sandals and she has to suffer in her platforms. I am such a "nice" person sometimes =)

We came back early cause we might be doing laundry tomorrow thus we took a early shower and immerse ourselves in the cyberworld...

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