Friday, March 11, 2011

Awesome day from the start! We slept until we feel like waking up, then we head to the Gabbie's to get Gena's coffee fix. Unfortunately the coffee machine is outta order. Like every fairytale, there's a happy ending to this sad situation. The owner (I bet he loves us a lot. We are his faithful patrons) brewed us some of his turkish coffee. Potent stuff! I like!

We met Geoffrey for some quick catch before he head to a bush party which he spend his entire savings on. Apparently a bush party is a party in the forest where they invite renowned DJs to play techno music in the jungle. Its pretty common in summertime in Melbourne. And the one Geoffrey is heading to is one of the big ones. Thus the high ticket price. I also get to clear my doubts on whether Geoffrey is a drug addict by asking him directly. I scare myself sometimes.

We headed to Ben Sherman where Gena saw one pretty shirt with nice prints (I never like any of her "vintage" outfit but this one make me go criminal - I wanna steal the shirt from Gena after she bought it) and POST. We went to the 56th Moomba festival since we kinda run of things for the day. Its pretty fun! Its like a huge carnival with concerts, funfair etc etc. We went on a ride called SPEED and its awesome! You really feel like falling down and I kinda like the feeling! Woohoo~ 10AUD well spent. Certainly the highlight of the day.

P.S What's with the trams today? Its so stuffy I gonna die!

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