Friday, December 1, 2006

I Finally Gets 2 Donate Blood !!!

Friday 12/1/06, 11:19pm

Woke up this morning with the feeling of wanting 2 skip school, as usual. :p But I still pull myself 2gether & finally get 2 sch, sleepy and tired. I ask my new friend, Liyana, whether her friend want 2 donate blood 2day,cause I wan someone 2 accompany me..haha...
I quicky rushed out of Fusion, leaving Ben & Shereen alone 2 tend the shop, when I heard that Liyana's frenz also wanted 2 donate. I dun wan the free Mac breakfast voucher so I give Ben in the end, but I heard later that he gave it 2 someone else. Ungrateful fellow. The blood donating process is quite fast this time, except for the real thing. Cause I have 2 be moved around here & there cause they cannt find my veins in my left hand, so paiseh.. Even after donating, they still moved me here and there. Lucky I not dizzy if not they die. I sue them until they die. I met Hui Huang and Pushpa in the blood donation area. Dunno y but I must be in a gd mood 2day coz I super-talkative 2day. I ask Hui Huang abt his gf thingy and said that he doesn't look like the type who have gf. Its a gd thing my mouth didn't get me into trouble coz he didn't get offended. Heng arh~
Den after the msc closed, Shereen wanted 2 go 2 J8, so I 'mian wei qi nan' and accompany her lor. We tried a lot but never buy anything. Haha...cause Shereen says she always managed 2 see a better product in another shop after she buys sth. So in order not 2 have any regrets, we try a lot. Gd excuse rite? Haha... Den Shereen discovered that she didn't bring her NETS out, so we have 2 cut our shopping trip short. No money wat, how 2 shop. Anyway, it's getting late anyway. Oh yeah, we met Xueli and a couple of friends in J8. What a surprise.
2m I gg out wif Siang Gek, hope we gt things 2 say la. Coz now diff sch, common things nt same anymore, so less thing 2 talk abt..Haiz...

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