Monday, December 4, 2006

Monday, 4/12/06. 9.30pm

Today is the day to pass up personal selling and tep summary report. I burned the midnight oil until 4pm yesterday and I woke up by 8pm today, so my mental level is not very well and alert today (actually my alarm rang at 7.30am, but I usually won't wake up the dream/story has an ending. It took the dream 30 mins to conclude). Ben is on flexi today and Li Qin went to do sth for BD, so left only me and Shereen in the store. We passes time by making fun of customers and doing art lessons (teacher-in-charge: Shereen Tan, again). When it's time for closing, my brain was already on shut-down level so when Shereen ask me whether to press 5 (close shift, actually is press 6 then press 7 to end day), I just anyhow nodded my head. What a big mistake! We make Ms Lim as angry as hell as she stormed her way up from her office to help us solve the mistake we made. The end day slip also shows a shortage of $2.50, wonder where that money goes to?
Abt 8-sth pm, Lily msg me that she has met with an motorbike accident the day b4. I panicked. Is the person smsing me now a ghost or a person? If it is the latter, is she in hospital right now? Is her condition critical? (of coz not, right? if not how she sms me? But my stupid brain doesn't function that way. It choose to think the worse of everything.) I felt a sudden urge to rush to hosp. Lucky I never do so, coz she later tell me that she is at home DANCING right now (one min she is telling me she met with an accident, the next min she tells me she is dancing at home. Is that freaky or wat?). Both she and fadley got away with minor bruises.2m I'm gg 2 blanja her ice-cream and at the same time find out more abt the accident in details. Stay tuned..haha...

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