Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Day

Jul asked me to go to her church's christmas play and on account that she sounds so worried and disappointed (coz she bought too many carnival tickets), I went along.

When I arrived, I was once again amazed at the wealthiness of city harvest. I mean, d you know how much it is to book ONE ENTIRE EXPO HALL? Not to mention, 2???? (There might be more but I have only seen 2) Also it also takes a lot of $$ to prepare the play, stage and the cameras....

After the play, I went to play one of the carnival games. (forgot the name). It was fun!

After that, I rushed to somerset to meet YY. I thought it will take me at least an hour to reach somerset from expo mrt. Surprisingly, it took only less than 25 mins! What a surprise! And i even took EXYRA CARE not to walk too fast le. So in the end I have 2 wait 30mins 4 Yy bcoz i told her to take her time and walk V~E~R~Y slow.
I have fun today and it will definately stay in my memories ever as one of my best christmas.
Merry Xmas! (and enjoy the scary pix below)

Me and Jul holding candles near the end of the service. Background music: silent night.

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