Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Wedding Dinner @ Malaysia

Yesterday, I attended a wedding yesterday @ Hyatt Regency Hotel, Malaysia. I was spell-bounded by the spectacular ballroom that my cousin booked for his wedding. This is the youngest and last son of my aunt in Malaysia that was getting married thus my aunt pratically threatened my mum into attending it. Haha...

All in all, I don't really consider the wedding a success. Firstly, The servings are too small (and too halal) and it's only a 6-7 course meal for a whole table of 10/++ pax. Thus I'm still hungry after the entire wedding finally ended. Secondly, although I heard from my mum that it is the 'trend' nowadays to go up on stage to give a speech abt how hard it is 4 ur parents to raise u up and all (don't know whether true or not), I've decided that I would NEVER, EVER do that during MY wedding. People wouldn't be listening to your speech once the dishes started to arrive and it doesn't matter if you cry on stage or not. Food is more impt.
There's also a live band in a corner of the ballroom which helps to provide some entertainment during the entire dining process. And I've got to admit, the band is gd (alhtough 2 out of 3 guys in the band are gays. The other didn't even open his mouth. So I can't tell whether he is gay or not). Clever in the selection of songs too. To me at least. The songs are relatively up to date and most songs complete the effect of setting the mood of the atmosphere.

So all in all, the wedding earns abt 2 out of 5 stars from me, for it's decoration and the fact that it is all free-of-charge.

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