Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year Eve

Today is 31/12/2006. Last day of 2006. I just found out this morning..haha. Lily tell me abt 7am this morning. If nobody mentioned, I would have thought 2m is still in the year of 2006. Don't know y this yr I seriously lost track of time lah.
Yesterday, Lily slept over @ my place. As usual, I am not used to entertaining plp so as a result she slept on a floor with only a blanket (no pillow, nothing). She complained that she would never sleep over @ my place again. Haha..sorry lah. I will try to learn how to be a better host b4 I invite u over again. :P
Now my brothers are not @ hm rite now (one go to work, another go vivo city 2 countdown), my parents haven't return back frm work yet, so I'm currently alone in the hse. I wish my parents would come back fast. I'm hungry!!!

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