Sunday, April 13, 2008

命中注定我愛你 片头曲

This is the theme song and lyrics to the drama that I recently fall in love with. The beat and lyrics are so cheerful and cute that I immediately feel that 'hey 2dayis nt so bad after all!'. Lolx.
The drama wise is nt so bad but I can't say its a ’Perfect A-Grade' work. But since I gt nt much else 2 pass my time with, I guess this will do. At least to me its better than most badly-made taiwanese drama. Moreover tbis is definately a very watchable drama series as I had been watching it for 1 1/2 hrs continuously and I am hadn't switched off yet. This definately tells a lot.

I intially wanted to paste a brief description of the drama series but it's god-damn long so i guess I'll just 4gt abt it. *pause* So the main actors/actresses are: Ruan Jin Tian & Chen Qiao En (does the jumpin of topics sound abrupt 2 u?)

命中注定我爱你主題曲: 99次我愛他 ( 元若藍)

全滴在他 剛才牽過我的手
橫衝直撞 我的心像一顆躲避球

如果有教授 我一定要努力修
丘比特呀 快為我加油

多想帶著雷達 到他夢裡 仔細調查
也想拿起掃把 在他心底 洗洗刷刷
不專心的念頭 哎咿哎咿 都清除啦

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