Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pretty Boy's Pix

Out of the many pictures in the website that Yy showed me, I only found a few guys cute (seductive??). Here the are the pixs and the reasons y:

He got the wild boyish look. I like~

The model is the pix looks a bit like Eurasian. But not too ang moh which is good. And he has that sexy pout~

He looks a bit girlish, doesn't he? But don't know y I just like this type of guys. Someone once told me that guys who looks pretty is very attractive. And I agree!

For this pix, I just like costume that he is wearing. Pay no attention to whatever thing that wearing the costume.

For this guy, aside from the fact that he is cute. I also like the situation that the artwork is drawn in. He look like he killed a lot of plp with that charming sword of his, thus giving him the image that he's powerful and dependable.

Man, the guy in front is so sexy! I will bleed to death if he is the 1st thing I see every morning! (the veins in my nose is very sensitive to cute and sexy guys. Lolz)

Again, wild and sexy. My favourite combination. He also has that power thing going on as he sits in the emperor's throne thingy.

Hot, hot, hot! Can you feel the tension between them? *drool*

From here, you might also realised that the range of guys i liked is very wide. But I wondered y I didn't even get lovesick once in my life. Why? Is it because there's no cute guys in Singapore? *stare into the far sky*

These pictures are from a website called "hei se jin yao" meaning black forbidden drug. All of these are done by a china artist using his own drawing combined with Microsoft Paint (i think. Or something similar la). Any1 interested can click here or here to view his/her artwork (gender unclear). The main site is in chinese but actually u dun really need to know chinese to navigate. Just follow your intuition....

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