Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lotsa things happen this week. So this is going to be one long and boring entry.

For one, I gt so many paper cuts during work that I even wonder if ever I wan 2 commit suicide I can save the time to look for a penknife. A piece of paper will do fine. They should probably put an age limit on plp who wants 2 handle papers. Papers are very dangerous. I even scold the paper manufacturers on why the hell they want 2 make paper so sharp. (Just one teeny weeny paper cut can make me grumble so much. Can tell hw bored I am in the office).

Den I went clubbing cum pubbing with yy on sat nite. Went 2 St James this time. Second time clubbing already & finally conclude that its nt the thang 4 me. Been yawning abt 2 hrs into the trip but still manage 2 stay awake till 6am for the 1st train coz dun wan 2 spend $$ 2 take taxi hm. Saw some plp who dunno how 2 dance but want 2 "action". They jumped onto the table to show plp their monkey dance (They rise their hands above their head and wave abt like monkeys. I really feel like hm!). One girl even rubbed her body against another monkey boy. *shrugged* Oh well, free show 4 me! Quite worth the trip cause I only spend abt $5 sth there and its only on alcohol (Gin and tonic. At least that's what I tell the bartender. It just tasted like plain water 2 me). Admission is FOC for the 1st pub/club we went 2 and consecutively I just need 2 show them the invisible stamp on my wrist (only visible under UV light) and I can just happily marched my way in to any other pubs/clubs within the St James premises! I love FOC stuff! Didn't get drunked myself (a bit disappointed) but saw another girl gt drunked inside Dragonfly. Damn ugly. Her face are scrunched 2gether and her eyes are closed. Somemore she and her bf (if nt one nite stand partner) perform free kissy show in front of me. Deliberately walked directly in front of me and perform one. Feel bad if I dun watched la. They tried so hard 2 catched my attention already.

2day I went "Escaping' with my bro. Since he's a Singtel cust we get 30% off so we nd 2 pay just 12 sth per pax. So cheap! Compared 2 the U.P 17.70, we saved quite a lot. They gt new ride - "Haunted Hse" but I nearly wanted 2 back out at the entrance. They said it's a "ride" but in the end have to walk through the "ride". Cheated my feelings. Somemore cannot see anything inside. Felt damn insecure. In the end I have to hold my bro's hand and let him dragged me all the way through. Pirate ship is as scary as ever. Think I even saw my late grandparents in the sky beckoning for a while. The only ride that I never went on is the "Inverter". Really nt so keen on seeing late grandparents again so soon. So I think I better give it a miss. There's also a remote ctrl boat thingy that cheated my $$. I inserted 1 dollar but the boat never moved an inch. Boo hoo~ My $1~ And u were so shiny too~

Want 2 took a picture of the monkey dance but the lighting is too bad. I dun dare 2 use flash cause that will be a bit 2 obvious...

Strawberry cocktail that yy drank. Nt nice one. Tasted like strawberry mixed with beer. Damn bitter.

Rainbow @ Escape. Look very scary but in the end nt so bad. Just feel like I almost flew off my seat that's all.

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