Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I think my supervisors run out of things for me to do.

Yesterday when I went over to the executive's desk and ask her if she has anything for me to do as I am starting to doze away she looks so damn shocked and panicked. Today, she even ask me if the penny weeny task is enough to last me till end day. I got the hint dear. I will not ask you for anything to do even if I fall into coma due to over-boredness.

Damn! I hate it when plp hired and gt nth 2 give them 2 do. So far quite a few of my previous jobs are like that. I got the feeling that she-ren's current job is the same. Haiz..now I rather spend my time elsewhere. Like home!

Either they think that I am really stupid (it's hard to find tasks I can handle) or they are not willing to teach me too much (I've been stating that i won't be here for full time so they might thought that it's a waste to teach me as I will be leaving soon). Either way, even though they are really nice plp 2 get along with, shit them! Wahahhaa...<--bored until siao

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