Monday, May 19, 2008

This is going to my bay-bey~

Firstly...Specs Specs!

Looking at some of the first-look reviews on the internet (first look as in the product has not yet been released but somehow they got their hands on a prototype of something), I discovered quite a few things:

It is positioned as a "high-end" product so it's bound to clean out my pockets dry.

This beauty does not have any WLAN function. Well, I dun need it anyway. I have my dear dear labby and psp. Websites look much nicer on them den on mobile phones anyway.

The flash, or rather lack of. I always like the way you can use your flash as torch light in Sony Ericsson phones and now they are taking it away? Waddayameanbythat?

They say picture quality by the camera sucks big time(look at sample pic below). I can see what they mean but hey! it's good enough for me!

I know I know. You be going like "What! It seems like you just change a new phone yesterday!" in your head. Erm...not exactly. The last time I change to my current N82 is ....definately less then half a year ago. What can I say? I am a gadget manic. So you know what to give me for my birthday right?

Back to the phone....Despite all the weak pts that this baby have, I still going for it. Well...nothing is perfect. Even phones.

P.S If you can't see the pictures at any point in time, click on it.

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