Tuesday, May 27, 2008

<> Movie Night

Watched MADE IN HONOR with vanessa yesterday night after work. Was damn tired but I thought I deserve some fun so I went.
It was a movie with a lot of funny stuff that wasn' too old or copied from a previous movie and although there's one scene that kept spinning and makes me kinda dizzy I had throughly enjoyed the movie.
At least I would had if not for a certain somebody (female but can't tell how old she is because it's too dark in the cinema) who kept on luffing at anything the male lead says.

Male lead: I...I..
Certain somebody: hahahahah...(shaking back and forth)
Male lead falls walk on the street.
Certain somebody: hahahahah...(shaking back and forth)

and it goes on and on and on...

Seriously I missed a big part of the movie silently wishing the certain somebody will "hahaha..." and collaspe. Must have been not concentrating hard enough as the certain somebody is still alive and "haha-ing" at the end of the movie. Damn.

After the movie we kinda debate for a while deciding between to have either hotdog buns or sushi for supper. Sushi won and I have to say excellent choice. We went to Suki Sushi beside the theatre and it taste so much better than Sakae. We can tell the rich is sushi rice and not ordinary rice like those at Sakae. And it's so much cheaper too - by 0.19 cents per plate. I suspect the drinks are cheaper as well but I kinda forgot the price of the drinks at Sakae.

Definately going back next time I had a sushi craving. Hmmm...I wonder if there's a better sushi restaurant out there in Singapore which I hadn't been to?

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