Sunday, May 11, 2008

PSP Game Review - FF VII Crisis Core

I am so darn addicted to this game on my psp!
It's called Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core. One of the reason is due to the male characters in the game. Damn they are so~darn handsome. My personal favourite is Genesis. He just have the "X-factor" and I love it when he appears in that blood red outfit of his! Hmm...yummy! And I cried when he jumped over the railing in the factory (or whatever u called that place), I will missed drooling over his face! It turns out it's a waste of my tears as he appears shortly after quoting something out of his favourite play "Loveless" (seems like a favourite passtime of his. Turns to be quite annoying after a while. Loveless also remains me of another BL anime with the same name. Wonder if there's any relation between the 2..).
Another of my favourite will be Zack. Coincidentally it's the same name as one of my favourite twin stars in starring in my all time favourite sitcom "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody", although i like Cody more in the sitcom. Back to Zack (the character in the game not sitcom), he just grew more and more manly towards the end of the game. At certain scenes I feel he looks a lot like 贺军翔. 贺军翔 is one of the least number of males in the world who I think is close to perfect in terms of appearance.
The female leads are cute as well but they seems too good to be too. I don't know....they are like....dolls. Like not real at all. It will be damn scary if someone really looks like the female characters in Crisis Core! But they got pretty cute voice, those sweet voice gives a image of a kind and gentle girl with apple shaped face and petite mouth. Totally fits image of how the female characters are supposed to be.
Another reason why it's now my current favourite game is because of the interesting storyline. Unlike the title of the game, it's not entirely a "fantasy' and situations like your childhood friend changing into someone you don't know is pretty common in everyday life. I first grumbled a little when I saw the huge file size of the game (had to maximise every bit of my 4GB memory as much as possible), but it turns out to be pretty worth it. Excellent graphics, interesting storyline, to be drooled over characters. I will give it a rating of 10/10.
I had not exactly finished the game (even though I thought I had finished the game when Andreal died. I thought he is supposed to be the main supporting role in the game and the game can't go on w/o him. How can I be more wrong?) but I already got to level 30 in terms of fighting skills. I wonder what is the highest level I can get? Don't tell me the sky is the limit?

Here's some of the pictures I took of the net. I dun know if it's possible to get screenshots off the PSP. Ermm...anyone?

Box art of FFVII Crisis Core. Most of the main characters are there. But they left out my Genesis! Boo hoo~

Zoom in shot of Genesis. Hold on while I scream and drool a little. Ahh~~~~~Splash! (sound of my drool hitting the ground)

They really have Genesis's costume in real life! Too bad I can't rush over to Japan right now..

Zack in the latter part of the game. That's when I feel he starts to look suspiciously like Mr He. Waddayathink?

Zack and Cissnei (I forgot her name. Have 2 search a while @ the net 4 it).

Cissnei again. Personally I prefer Aerith to her. She is coming on a bit too strong for my liking.

I am surprised when I saw cloud made an guest appearance as one of the solder members. Missed him so much!

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