Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Poor Labby

These few days I got a sudden urge of itchy hands and thus wanted 2 take my whole labby apart. My wish came true the day before when I finally convinced my father to unscrewed the cover for me so that I can "take a peek and the components inside and see what I can do to make it better". After taking apart everything (at least those that I managed to take apart), I decided to change the RAM to make it work faster. That night I toyed with the RAM that was initially in the labby for a few minutes before I decided to put it back. Big mistake.
Firstly I discovered a 1GB SODIMM DDR RAM costs $139, already the cheapest I can find. Not worth it cause it is of a older and slower version than DDR2 and a 2GB DDR2 only cost less than $80.
Secondly, I didn't place the RAM back properly so I experience a god damn extremely once in a lifetime slow labby. Previously its 496MB of RAM, after taking apart it become 240MB. It was definitely worst than the NYP SBM lab computers. For a moment there I thought "shit! I spoiled the damn thing! now i really have to pay $139!".
Luckily just now my father helped me unscrewed the whole thing and when the RAM was placed properly into the connector this time, it works! Now it's back to 496MB again! Yah! Now I'm happier than when I struck lottery (cause it never happens). So here I am happily blogging with the significantly faster labby. Welcome back 496MB of RAM!
In the meantime I'm not going to change anything cause I'm waiting for a better deal with DDR3 (latest version. Hope it's cheaper cause I didn't see it on the market yet) and Windows7 (coming out soon so I'm definitely skipping Vista. My bro's com have Vista anyway. Can play with it on his com if I really want).
Hope these 2 come out soon!

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