Tuesday, June 17, 2008

K-ster session (Rating: Might patron a second time)

Today I received a surprise call from Anna Banana. She applied for half day off and then she got bored. I am very good friend so when she said she wanted to sing K I immediately prepared myself and decide on a venue - Chinatown.
Chinatown has all the popular karaoke outlets in the area - namely K-box & K-ster (in Lucky Chinatown) & Partyworld (somewhere else in Chinatown as well). I wanted to try somewhere other than K-box as I wanted 2 'expose my eyes to something new'. But the main reason is because Kbox is getting expensive.
We chose K-ster in the end cause it's nearer to the MRT exit A and Anna Banana had been to Partyworld before (once).
I must say it has been a refreshing experience. The system hanged once (when I was singing. Is my singing THAT bad?) and the drinks are awefully petite in size (lucky I got bring waterbottle). But all in all I am rather satisfied with the overall service of the K-ster Chinatown outlet. The songs are pretty updated and most of the English MTV that they have are real (as in not those with sceneries or bikini girls walking on the beaches). The collection of MTVs are pretty vast as well. Price is rather reasonable as well. Total of around 36 dollars for 2 pax, 4 hours.
Surprisingly we didn't took any pixs during the session as Anna Banana is a bit of a cam whore so it come as quite a shock when I didn't notice her taking even one (maybe she took pictures in the toliet? That's the only time when I am not around. Hmmm..) For me it's not that much of a surprise as I am well known to be camera-irritated (Nope. Not shy. Really irritated).
I am rather tempted to join the membership but let me try out the other outlets first before I make a decision. Maybe Partyworld the next time round. And I learnt a lesson. Dun try to act expert and try 2 sing all the songs with very high notes. Now my throat hurts like mad...

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