Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Firefox Download Day (18 June)

Yeah! Today is the Firefox Download Day. The day which I finally get to have my copy of Firefox 3 (completely free) and help Firefox attained the Guinness World Record of "The most software downloaded in 24 hours". I did a pretty swift search on the net and to my knowledge (it might be wrong), there's no record holder for "The most software downloaded in 24 hours" yet. Soon there will be.

Prior to the download, I had also tried out the beta version about a few weeks ago. The overall feel is not bad but there's still some work to be done. The most noticeable improvement in the beta version is its speed increase. Let's see if this is still consistent in the final version.
Surfing is definitely much faster with Firefox 3. Although I am pretty disappointed when some of my previous add-ons (e.g. previous vista-inspirated themes) are not able to be applied on Firefox 3. Well there are pros and cons to everything and so far I only find this small disadvantage so you can say overall I am rather satisfied with the performance of Firefox 3. I certainly hoped that some fancy themes can be developed for Firefox 3, Firefox 3 looks a tat bit ugly at the moment...

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