Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tourism Show - After Shows Thoughts

Today is a rare occasion that I get to watch TV. Usually I am stuck to my laptop 24/7 cause I am too tired to fight my parents for the privilege to watch TV. Haha...good thing they are not home today...Wahahahaha~(evil laugh)

(clear throat) Anyway I just saw a show that showcase Japan culture and nice place for tourists 2 visit on Ch 57 (I think). During the show it was mentioned that a not a very big bowl of Kudan noodles cost only 900 yen. Only? Hmm...that captures my attention so I decided to did a currency rate conversion on the net just now. Guess what 900 Jap Yen = 11.52!!! (hysterical) What the! And you called that only? How rich are you? Or how rich do you think I am? Think I am definately gg 2 starve when I go Japan (if the trip is still on) with Qin. Goodbye guys. Sob sob. Dun think I am able to come back alive after the trip even if I didn't get lost with my cannot make it Japanese.

Another show that I saw on Ch U is called 世界那么大(Direct Translation: The World is So Big??!!!). The host went to Hawaii in that episode. One thing that caught my attention is the Kahala Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hawaii in obviously, Hawaii. From the name, you can clearly tell that the hotel is owned by one of the 5 hotel chain, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Grp. The hotel falls seriously short of being fancy and luxurious but lots of personal touches everywhere shows their effort in proving quality service. For example, they provides a pair of binoculars in every room (side note: the room is damn big! Like enough for 4- 6 ppl 2 camp over). The female host used it to watch couples kissing on the Hawaii beach. You go girl! I would do the same if I were you! Then there's a dolpin show inside the hotel inself. No wonder it's 5! Guests can wear their swimwear and step into the water with the trainer and feed the dolpin face-to-face! No like Sentosa where only one guest is 'invited'. All participants can step inside and feed the dolphins until they burst! Not that the trainer will allow that to happen of course. But hey the guest is always right so there's no stopping me if I really put my mind to it(evil cackle).
Who's up for Hawaii? Or at this rate, around the world in 80 days?

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