Thursday, July 24, 2008

Quick Update

A few things happen recently. Keep wanting 2 blog them up but due 2 some reasons or another I didn't. Here's a summary:

- Upgraded my XP to SP3. Finally! Whenever I tried 2 do this in the past, it always fails for whatever reason (My Windows Update is damn useless. Now I ignore it whenever it says it has "updates" because it never succeed). Heard its faster and not so error-prone as SP2. We'll see.

- Anyone heard of Camp Rock? Apparently another "High School Musical" to be starring Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas. I'm nt really interested in the musical (or movie. Whatever they like 2 call it) but this song really "caught my ears".

- I always wanted 2 dye my hair blue & nw the urge is coming back. Do u think I should? I'm gg 2 work soon. Do u think they will allow an "ET-lookalike" 2 work there? Hmmm....but I still want 2 look like ET!!!

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