Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Southern Ridges

Went on a hike with my dear twin on mon. Supposed to be a walk. At least that's what I thought I heard my dear twin said.
Anyway, lotsa things happens on the way so I won't be doing any elaboration here but I have 2 say, although things can't be exactly called "smooth-sailing" during the entire hike. I enjoyed myself a lot. It's not everytime you can go on a hike this long in Singapore (a total of approx 13.5km when you count to and fro.) It's really fun!
Oh and we took some....ok, a lot of pixs on the way. I look like I'm on drugs on sth with my paleness and dark eye rings and ...my increasing pregnant-like stomach. Must be the irregular sleeping hrs and unhealthy lifestyle I'm leading. Haha...mostly eat and sleep. Have to do sth abt it soon.

Sothern Ridges. Look nicer in "person" than in photo.

Ain't I the most handsome thing u ever seen? ^^....Wierd, I think I heard puking....

Only half of me can be seen in this photo.

OMG!! Look at the freakish hair! I seriously need 2 go 4 a extreme makeover...

Us stepping foot on the southern ridges...map.

Looks like a maze from up here. What a waste of metals. But I like~^^

I bet we can roll down if we want...

I never realised I can be ever called "petite". But hey, I did it!

Twin slippers.

Hort Park logo.

Again, another nicer in "person" than in photo scenery.

Me taking photo of 1t taking photo of the wedding couple. Cool rite?

Do I look like I'm peeing in public? Well at least I tried....

See-saw! Arh...the good old days~

I'm stuck in the ball like thingy when 1t took this. She must be the "best" twin I've ever had. Instead of helping, she took pictures.

Snakey path. So we took the short cut instead. What on earth is the designer thinking?

1t vaporising. Lucky 4 me it wasn't that dark yet.
View from somewhere on the Kent Ridge. I think. If not one of the many other bridges.

This is how long we took. From mid afternoon to the sun goes down~ Oh and the bridge is supposed to be purple in color. My hp camera is color-blind.

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