Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Phone. To Me.

Changed my phone again for the umpteen time.
I seriously should quit this habit of changing phones every so often. But then again this time it's a down-grade. I think. Similar to what my twin from the other race did, I downgrade (I think) my N82 to N80. I wonder if it's really a downgrade after all? Since it's still N80-sth and functions & specs are somewhat the same. Even the OS is the same.
Now my phone is like oh-so-bulky. Feels like I'm weight-lifting everytime I try to make a call or try to sms. And I really don't dare to drop it on the floor. My mum would surely know from the hole it makes on the granite.
All in all, I'm rather satisfied at the purchase though cause it's like so damn cheap (The seller cheated me of my memory card though. Even though I don't really need it but still you promise! And a promise is a promise! Lou-sa!). And it's like so damn loud as well. I enjoy comparing the loudness of my N80 with their 5700 and N73...and win! Ahh~ this is life! However now it's like still my honeymoon period as the N80 has only been with me like for like less than a week. So I wouldn't be surprised if I got the impulse and change another phone again.

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