Friday, July 18, 2008

My Life Ends. Now

Turns out this Thursday is not either an un-auspicious day for interviews or too auspicious.

I got the job. Again! And this time I can't back out!

I did everything I could. Went late. Came totally unprepared. Dressed totally in-formally. Used my lousy printer to print so that the application form will look totally ugly. And still I got the job.

What does a girl to do to NOT get a job?

And before that I thought that this will be my last interview and I can rest my ears for at least 2 weeks because I told my mum that I am gg for 2 many interviews (3 for 3 weeks. One per week) and ought to rest. I treat her silence as consent.

And this happens!

In some way I got my wish. I don't have to go for another interview for at least 7 months since I am bonded. If I quit before that I have to pay SGD$600. Not that I do not have the money, just that there's no reason I am going to spend money on a job!

Talking abt the damn interview, I only have one word to say - LONG!!!

It lasted a total of abt 3 hrs, from 2.30-5.45pm. With a lot of waiting in between. I have to cry for the loss of my afternoon nap to pass the time. It's that boring.

Another stupid thing that I am gg 2 have a one mth training. No, I dun mind the training. Training is fine, I expect training in some form or another. But the stupid part is that throughout the training I am gg 2 have EXAMS & TESTS every other day???!!! What? Now back to school time? Hello~ I have just graduated. Notice much?

Upon these, I am going to formally saluate and wave goodbye to my leisure life. It's been nice while it lasted. And I can predict that I am not going to have any for the following 2 years. Boo hoo~

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