Friday, July 18, 2008

Batman-The Dark Knight Review

Watched "The Dark Knight" on its opening night with Vanessa.

It was not doing especially well since the front seats were not filled and you expect theatres to be packed on its opening night. But that might be because they have like 3 or 4 halls with the same movie (My chin dropped when I saw "The Dark Knight" like showing every hall. Is that the only movie they have left?). Another reason might be I am watching it in sub-urban areas so the response might not be as over-whelming as in the town.

Now to my piece of mind on the movie itself. Surprisingly it makes me think (might be too bored). What I thought was - "Damn, the Joker is clever. He cover his tracks so well that the only way to find him is to wait for him to find you. Why does he have to be a villain? Wouldn't it be better if he is a scientist or detective or sth?"
In the movie you will see into the past of Joker and there he gave 2 explanation on how he got the scarred "smile" on his face. Frankly I am confused. I have completely no idea which one is the true reason. But I feel the "drunken father" story might be the truth as it is more detailed and he kinda shows his disgust when he tell the story. For the "scarred wife" story, I feel thet he show more of glee at making the female lead frightened.
Is the unhappy childhood the reason for what he is now? Will it be different if he lead a completely different childhood? Hard to tell.

Another thought that I have is "who choose the female lead?". She's not exactly pretty and she kinda looks old. What makes the 2 male lead fall in love with her? Personality? Not exactly convincing. Pardon me but I am someone who goes for looks. Especially if the movie is as long as this one (est 2 hrs 45 mins), I expect someone more pleasing to my eyes. The male leads aren't exactly drop-dead gorgeous material either but they will do. Usually I will expect more out of the female lead since they don't really have much acting to do, the least they can do is be a good "vase". But the female lead hardly pass for a "fish bowl".

But all in all, not exactly my type of movie. I only went because my friend wanted to watch this movie and I kinda have nth better 2 do. So in my bias-ness, totally rating for this movie: 2.5/5. At least I didn't fall asleep during the movie so I will let it pass.

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