Saturday, September 12, 2009

Breaking News

Whatever below should be in inverted pyramid, AP style:

Saggy has finished today her Post Assignment for her news gathering module.

Saggy was enrolled in BSA of Mass Communication under MDIS, UO. The post assignment was given to her by her US lecturer on Saturday night and though she met many obstacles and stopped for numerous times, she managed at 5.40pm, Sept. 12 to finished the article.

"I am very relieved. I have quite a number of commitments next week and for a moment there I thought I was going to die from the stress," Saggy laughed.

Saggy said that the first few questions was easy as they only require either a few words answer or just one sentence, the challenge comes when she got to question number six and seven which in total took her about two to three days to complete.

"I have no idea whether the answers are correct but I'm not going to make any change and just leave them as they are. I don't even know whether I answered question seven at all! I will just see how it goes and if it comes out well, I might disclose what I had done on my blog,"said Saggy.

Saggy is having her exams next week and till date has completed zero modules of her one year and three months course.

It was now that I realized why nobody write blog entries this way. It takes a huge amount of effort and nearly makes me sweat a dam and the end result?

It looks stupid.

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