Thursday, September 17, 2009

This is the baby I would want to own if I got enuff $$. Just saw it on XX's blog and it reminds me of the struggle I had between wanting to own this and parting with the already thinning pad of plastic and paper in my wallet.

This is a tempting for me due to two simple reasons:
1) It has a plastic keypad.
2) You don't have to totally rely on your touchscreen for navigation.
Of course there's more like 16m colors but let's not go that far.

The 2nd reason is of utmost importance cause that's the main reason I have to part with m W960i...The touchscreen doesn't work anymore. So in an instant, the most powerful device I ever had turned into just a combination of plastic and metal.

That also had a devastating effect of my very teeny weeny phobia of ever buying a touchscreen again. But it's so teeny weeny that in the end I bought another touchscreen phone again cause I'm used to using touchscreen.

Though teeny weeny, it's still there.

That's why I am frantically abusing my Renoir now...hoping to destroy the touchscreen within its warranty period so that I can get a replacement for free.

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